All in Ice Cream

Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream

Ice cream made with roasted balsamic strawberries for a sophisticated and tangy twist on strawberry ice cream. This creamy ice cream starts off tangy from the balsamic vinegar and finishes of sweet with the taste of strawberries. It's creamy, dreamy, and delicious. It puts a nice little grown-up twist on the classic strawberry ice cream. 

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

With the summer coming to an end, and a new school year approaching, this cake feels right. It's the big summer send-off. The Ice Cream Social before the school year. Did anyone else do those as a kid?

It's one of those desserts where you get to dive in, head-first, and indulge. Forget the bikinis, skinny jeans, and tank tops. We're headed towards oversized sweaters, and stretchy pants. You deserve to pull out all the stops, and so does this cake. 

Chai Tea Latte Popsicles

A few days ago it rained here. In California. In August. What's going on? Rain in the summer might be a normal thing in other places but not here. I'm not complaining though. Waking up to the smell of rained on sidewalks is my favorite thing to wake up to. The quick glimpse of cooler weather and a soft breeze gave me a craving for some autumn commodities. 

Since wearing a scarf and boots while it's still over 100 degrees isn't appropriate, I took the logical course of action. Popsicles! 

Blackberry Ice Cream

 Blackberries were on sale, so I made blackberry ice cream. Naturally.

I've made so much ice cream this summer, you wouldn't believe me if I told you how much.  Over 10 gallons! Don't believe me? I told you you wouldn't.

Almond Joy Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate cake layered with vanilla coconut ice cream, chocolate sauce, coconut and chopped Almond Joy candies.

Good lighting makes me happy. 

I'm far from calling myself a "food photographer", but I feel like each new recipe I shoot I am learning more and getting a little bit better. I think I enjoy the photo-taking just as much, if not more, than the baking! It's definitely the creativity.