Welcome!  I'm Julia, or Jules.

 Baking is my creative outlet. I'm a self-taught baker, and always looking to learn something new.  My goal is that through my blog I can help you learn and grow in your love for baking too. Here you'll find recipes, tutorials, ideas, and sprinkles of my life along the way.   Stick around, and we'll grow together.

So who am I?

I'm 26, a newly wed (see my wedding cake up there? I made it!), and a PhD student in Biology.

I used to work as a baker in a cafe but these days I'm experimenting in the lab.

Everyone asks where my love of baking comes from. I must have picked up some mutation along the way, because none of my parents or grandparents bake! I loved baking my family pancakes when I was younger, and from there my baking interests branched to making Chocolate Soufflé, decorating cupcakes, and the rest is history. This blog is an accumulation of my creativity through creating recipes, baking, photographing my creations, and writing. I hope you enjoy!

Let's be friends!


Contact: sprinkledwithjules (at) gmail (dot) com