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Mimosa Sangria

The easiest to prepare, this Mimosa Sangria will be the spotlight at your New Year's party!

I can't wait to make this for future bridal showers, brunches, and New Year's parties. All it takes is a few minutes of prep the night before, and you have the most delicious bubbly sangria the next day

Cranberry Shrub (Drinking Vinegar)

With cranberries all around, I wanted to make something using the tart little fruits other than cranberry sauce because I'm not particularly a fan of the stuff. I've seen a lot of shrub recipes over the summer and though this would be a perfect time to try one! And I'm not talking about a bush here, this is a form of drinking vinegar.

Eggnog Latte

I'm usually a latte purist. I like my lattes with espresso and steamed milk. No sugar, no flavorings, nothing. If it ain't broke don't fix it-am I right? But Paul loves all the holiday flavored lattes there are to offer, and his favorite being the eggnog latte. Since I bought some eggnog for some baking ideas, he requested a homemade eggnog latte.

Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail

It's happening! Our weather in the past few days has dropped a whopping 10-15 degrees and I'm officially calling it FALL! Sure the drop only led us to a high of  70ish degrees. But I'm taking what I can get, and running with it. I'm in long sleeves, and even wore a scarf to my night class this week. I'm loving it. Give or take a couple of hot flashes.

Stovetop Apple Cider

Apple Cider has always been my favorite fall-time drink. Warm, cinnamon-infused fall in a glass. I remember year after year rummaging through our kitchen cabinets trying to find any remaining apple cider packets to make. 

Watermelon Lime Daiquiri

Fun fact: Did you know that the Daiquiri was one of the favorite drinks of Ernest Hemingway and J.F.K?

There are a few ways to make a Daiquiri. One way is with shaved ice, where you pour the liquid ingredients over the shaved ice. Another way is shaking the liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice, and pouring it into a chilled glass, without any ice. The third way, and the more common way, is the "frozen daiquiri".  This is when the ingredients are blended together with ice. That is how I made these.

Cucumber Melon Cooler

Crisp, cool, and refreshing. With a hint of ginger, and mixed with lemon-lime soda. 

It's only pertinent that we make fruity drinks in the summer. And with the heat we face in a California summer, we realllly need fruity drinks to make us feel better. Cucumber Melon Cooler, anyone?