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PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich

Let's talk about peanut butter and jelly, okay? 

Classic combination.

Sweet and salty / creamy and delicious / childhood memories... need I say more?

I think you catch my drift.. what's not to love?!

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich / Sprinkled With Jules

Last Friday at work during the slowest hours of the day, I started my usual daydream of food. 

Wait, you don't daydream of recipe ideas too? Oh well, pretend you do, humor me, okay?

Back to the daydream. I had been making my Peanut Butter Cookies all week long (they're pretty good I guess).. and was thinking up combinations of ice cream flavors I could use to make ice cream sandwiches with the PB cookies.


Like it was meant to be. Maybe this is what I was born to do. Only time will tell!

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich / Sprinkled With Jules

So these ice cream sandwiches.. Peanut butter cookies smush a big glob of blackberry ice cream to create the best PB&J combination known to your mouth.

Salty, crunchy, sweet and smooth! SOOOOO GOOD!

I was a little nervous that this idea that I thought was amazing would seem a little crazy to others. Do you think it's weird? Wait till you try one to make your opinion. My sister tasted one, and wouldn't answer my "What do you think?" until she had eaten 3/4 of it all. That was a good sign! I was happy to get everyone's approval on them. 

Why blackberry? My PB&J sandwiches are made with blackberry jam. ALWAYS! 

If you haven't tried it, I highly suggest it!

However, you can substitute the blackberries for another fruit if you prefer.

How do you PB&J?

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich / Sprinkled With Jules

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe:

Makes 6 ice cream sandwiches

1 dozen Peanut Butter Cookies

1 batch of Blackberry Ice Cream (you can sub. other berries if you prefer!)


Start by making the ice cream and freezing it. Cristina over at Dessert For Two gave me the awesome idea here on freezing the ice cream in a 9x13 pan and using a cookie cutter to get perfectly shaped ice cream wedges.

While the ice cream is in the freezer, bake the peanut butter cookies and let them cool.

After a few hours when the ice cream has hardened enough, (depending on your ice cream maker and freezer), cut out round wedges of ice cream, or scoop out, and place on the bottom of one cookie.

Top with another cookie, and viola!


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