Watermelon Lime Daiquiri

Fun fact: Did you know that the Daiquiri was one of the favorite drinks of Ernest Hemingway and J.F.K?

Watermelon Lime Daiquiri / Sprinkled With Jules

There are a few ways to make a Daiquiri. One way is with shaved ice, where you pour the liquid ingredients over the shaved ice. Another way is shaking the liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice, and pouring it into a chilled glass, without any ice. The third way, and the more common way, is the "frozen daiquiri".  This is when the ingredients are blended together with ice. That is how I made these.

Watermelon Lime Daiquiri / Sprinkled With Jules

With all the watermelon in season right now, I thought a watermelon daiquiri would be quite fitting! Add a little lime, and we're ready to party! 

The flavor combination works well together. The watermelon is very mellow and refreshing, not too sweet either. The lime gives it a little zing and a the stronger flavor contrasts nicely with the watermelon.  

It's a nice change from the usual strawberry daiquiri. Don't get me wrong, I love a strawberry daiquiri (I always get them at Mexican restaurants!) But sometimes they can be pretty sweet. The watermelon, since it is about 90% water, has a much more mellow flavor. 

This makes them refreshing, and easier to drink a second...or third! ;-)

They can be made with or without alcohol, they'll taste great either way!

Watermelon Lime Daiquiri / Sprinkled With Jules

Ice, watermelon cubes, lime juice, light rum, and a bit of sugar are all blended together. Poured into glasses and topped with whipped cream, a maraschino cherry, lime and watermelon wedges, and you're good to go! 

Aren't these Daiquiri glasses cute? I found a set of 4 of them at the thrift store for $1 each. SCORE! I love finding dishes at thrift shops. I'm starting to acquire quite a collection of mismatched dishes for props. And I love it!

Watermelon Lime Daiquiri / Sprinkled With Jules

Watermelon Lime Daiquiri Recipe:

4 cups cubed watermelon

1 Tb. lime juice

3 cups ice

3/4-1 cup light rum

2 Tb. sugar



Cube watermelon into small chunks.  Freeze for 1 hour. Combine all ingredients into a blender and mix until there are no more large ice chunks.  Add more ice if necessary to reach the desired slushiness. Serve in glasses topped with whipped cream and a cherry, and enjoy!