Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!  Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?  This is the first year that I got the majority of my gifts purchased before Thanksgiving! I  am so proud of myself!  And I didn't need to do any Black Friday shopping luckily.  Have you seen how crazy people get out there on Black Friday?  It can get pretty scary.  I think I'll stick with the much safer option- indoors, in my pajamas, buying things online..

Anyway, I thought I might compile a little gift guide of what to get for the bakers and friends alike in your lives!  Some of these you can make yourself, and some are just plain cute and any baker would love to have around.  I know some of these are on my Christmas wish list!

Descriptions and links are below.

 Gift Guide

Gift Guide

1.  Make your friends and loved ones some Saltine Toffee!  Who doesn't love something a little sweet and salty mixed with chocolate?

2.  Reindeer Chow is one of my favorite holiday snacks.  Many good memories of munching on this stuff.

3.  Why not some Homemade Marshmallows? Surprise your friends with some cute heart shaped marshmallows and some hot chocolate mix!

4.  My delicious Peppermint Mocha Brownies are what Christmas tastes like!  Perfect for the mint-lover in your life.

5.  Holiday Rubber Spatulas are so fun.  They make baking that much more festive, don't they?

6.  I am in love with this Brownie Dish from Anthropologie.  One day (in my dreams) everything in my kitchen, will be from that store!

7.  Scoops are such handy things to have around! From cupcakes to cookies, these things help you measure evenly throughout your servings and keep your cookies round!

8. I've heard good things about BakeWise.  It teaches about the science behind baking! This too is on my list! 

Hope this helps some of you!  What are some kitchen items on your wish list?