All in Breakfast

Zucchini Bread

Perfectly tender, moist, and full of spice. This zucchini bread is just dense enough to be considered "bread" and packed with zucchini making it moist without being oily. Full of spices that make it a classic, this will become your go-to recipe for zucchini bread.


I have spent many hours perfecting this recipe. With the right ingredients, proper technique, and lots of love, these delicious buttery flakey croissants are just a few steps away. While homemade croissants seem like a daunting difficult task, they really are not! They just take time, and require patience. I've provided detailed instructions and TONS of photos to show you that they are possible! And AMAZING.

Brioche French Toast

Let me just preface this post by saying this french toast recipe is not limited to just Brioche bread! Make it with whatever bread you prefer. However, using Brioche, or some other rich bread will yeild a much more decadent french toast than normal. This is like happy-birthday-french toast..or, congrats-on-your-new-job-french toast. Or more like YOLO-french toast.

Brioche Bread

I've knocked a few big things off my baking bucket list as of late. First it was Morning Buns, and now it's Brioche Bread. They both require a bit more time and patience than my usual baking conquests. Hence, the bucket list placement. But the time spent waiting is well worth it. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean if you've ever made any type of home made yeasted bread before.