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Gender Reveal Cakes

Gender Reveal Cakes

Have you noticed all the different ways people are announcing the gender of their baby? I think it's such a fun idea that you can get so creative with!  For 2 of my sisters who were pregnant at the same time, and living far away, we did this idea at home.  


For one sister, she told me the sex, and I made a cake and colored it blue, then decorated the outside gender neutral, so the blue was unseen.  This way, you can only find out when you cut into it.  Smart, right? The rest of my family had no idea whether it was a boy or a girl, and while face timing my sister and her family, we cut into the cake to reveal the blue colored insides! A boy! It was such a fun experience.




For my other sister, who also lives far away, we did a similar process.  This time, I wanted it to be a surprise for myself too.  How do I make a colored cake without knowing what color it is you ask? Simple! Make cake pops.  Both colors!  I made a handful of blue and a handful of pink cake pops, kept separate, and decorated gender neutral.  What next?  I placed them in separate identical jars, and told the preggo sister which was which-left is girl, right is boy.  Then once she found out later that day what the sex of her baby was, she told my mom (who did not know what was what) which one to pick (left or right) and to bring that one out for us to eat.  While facetiming her and her family, we all bit into our own cake pop to find the pink insides, revealing she was having a girl! It was so much fun, and a great way for us to be included in the reveal even though we are separated by distance.


Have you done any fun gender reveals like this? I'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts!

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