How To Brown Butter

Have you ever browned butter? It's so simple, and makes a big difference in your food!  You can substitute browned butter for the same amount of butter your recipe calls for.  Browning it cooks out the water and turns the milk solids brown.  It can create more depth of flavor in any recipe, and it also adds a unique nuttiness to the taste.  It's great for baked goods, pastas, sauces, and pretty much anything you want it to be!

We could all use a little browned butter in our lives if you ask me.

Start by placing the amount of butter you're using into a medium, heavy bottomed sauce pan. Melt it ovver medium-low heat.  STIR CONSTANTLY.


Once it has melted, it will start to pop and bubble.  This is the water leaving the butter.  Continue stirring.


It will bubble more, and turn a little clear.  Keep stirring!


It may foam some.  This is okay.  Keep stirring, until you smell the delicousness.  Your whole kitchen will start to smell of nutty browned butter and you'll know it's done!  As soon as you can see that it is a light brown color, remove it from the heat and keep stirring for about 30 seconds.  Make sure you don't keep it on the heat too long because it can go from brown to burnt very quickly!


There you have it! Easy as.... browned butter!  You can use it immediately or store it in an airtight container in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.