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Valentine's Day Pretzels

Valentine's Day Pretzels

Who says you're too old to celebrate Valentines day with candy and goodies? Not me!  Any excuse I get to eat chocolate and make cute goodies I jump on!  Personally, I miss making those cute little boxes up to take to school, and getting all the valentines cards from your classmates.  Why don't they do that in the real world, huh?  We should start that again. That was always so fun!  Anyway, Valentine's day is about showing your love and appreciation for those around you, right? So show with these cute homemade chocolate covered pretzels!  Perfect to make into little baggies for your kids to take to their friends too!

Is there really anything yummier than chocolate covered pretzels? I can only think of one thing: WHITE CHOCOLATE covered pretzels!  Don't get me wrong, I am a chocolate fan through and through.  But for some reason, when it comes to pretzels, I like the white chocolate covered ones the best.  Are you like that? Or are you a fan of the chocolate covered ones?  Either way, you can do this idea with whichever you like.


These are quite possible the EASIEST treats you'll ever make.  All you gotta do is melt the white chocolate, dip the pretzel in the chocolate, dip into you sprinkles, and lay on parchment paper until it dries.  Easy as.. 1, 2, 3!

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Valentine's Day Pretzels:

white chocolate




I used 1/3 cup of white chocolate chips, and was able to make about 15 pretzels worth.  So if you want a larger batch, with 1 cup of white chocolate chips, you could get approximately 45 pretzels worth. Use any sprinkles you like!  I used 3 different variations to switch it up a little.  Have fun with it!

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