Welcome!  I'm Julia, aka Jules.

 Baking is my hobby and passion.  I'm a self-taught baker, and always looking to learn something new.  My goal is that through my blog I can help you learn and grow in your love for baking too. Nothing in the kitchen is impossible!  Here you'll find recipes, tutorials, ideas, and sprinkles of my life along the way.   Stick around, and we'll grow together.

So who am I?

I'm 24, newly wed, and full time student working toward my degree in Biology.

 I wish I could say I come from a family of skilled bakers and cooks, and that I have wonderful recipes handed down from my grandmother.  While my mom was supermom and juggled raising 7 kids; having homemade birthday cakes, signature home-cooked meals, and freezer jam just didn't fit in the mix.  And I long to change that.  I want to create recipes and traditions that can be a part of my family and that I can one day pass down to my future generations.

It all started with pancakes.  Pancakes were my specialty when I was 12.  Almost every Saturday morning I would eagerly get up and make pancakes from scratch, so proud of my finished product.  My family would always indulge and compliment me on them.  I loved the feeling of bringing everyone together and seeing people enjoy my creation.  That feeling is where my love of baking stems from.

Let's be friends!


Contact: sprinkledwithjules (at) gmail (dot) com