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Lots has happened since my last Sprinkles Of My Life update! Lets see, I've gone to 2 concerts, a wine festival, hiked in Yosemite, it was my birthday, Paul's birthday, and I decided not to go to USF after all. So much to get to and explain! 

So let's take it chronologically, shall we?

The Lana Del Rey concert in San Francisco was awesome! We got to the Bill Graham Civic Center about an hour before doors opened. The LINE!! Oh my. The block across the street that is a park had the line wrapped AROUND the block 3 times! No joke. It was insane. The amount of girls wearing flower crowns and American flag apparel was more than obnoxious. But the concert was great! We had a blast. 

Deciding not to go to USF. It's a very expensive school, and student loans are impossible to get without a cosigner. So unfortunately I am unable to go. It was a very tough decision and hard to accept but I'm hoping something better will come of it.  I'm going to stay at my jc for one more year and apply to a few different colleges this fall. Who knows where I could end up! This picture just about sums it up...

Sprinkled With Jules

May 12th is both mine and my boyfriend Paul's birthday. Crazy, I know! But we're 4 years apart so not EXACTLY the same birthdays.. Paul's mom took us to the Lodi Zinfest. It was my first wine tasting/festival I've been to. Lots of fun! 

Sprinkled With Jules

After my last final for the semester, my mom, sister and I spent the day hiking in Yosemite National Park. We're lucky enough to live so close that we can make day trips there. We hiked Vernal Falls, and it was so beautiful! 3 days later and my calves are still sore though! 600 stairs and hiking to the top of a waterfall will do that to ya... This picture shows the rainbow that you could see through the mist. So beautiful!

photo 3.jpg

Paul and I took his younger brothers to see Kid Cuddi in San Francisco. Probably one of the best concerts I've been to, despite the horrible crowding, being sweat on by strangers, stepped on, and pushed...I think I'm getting too old for general admission concerts! 

Sprinkled With Jules

Isn't this cake adorable? I used my extra cake batter from my Yellow Celebration cake to make 2 6-inch rounds (instead of a third 9-inch layer) to make another cake. Whipped this baby up in no time for a BBQ. Sprinkles make everything cute!

Sprinkled With Jules

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Riley is definitely enjoying herself...

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