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Happy Halloween! Are you dressed up today? Halloween on a Friday is like every kids dream, isn't it? It would be mine too if I had plans! But I think Paul and I will just end up handing out candy. Hopefully we get some kids..if not, more candy for me!  Are you dressing up? Tell me your costumes! 

Sprinkled With Jules

This week has been intense for me at school. I've had 4 exams this week. My brain feels like a flat tire. So this weekend will be dedicated to eating leftover candy and vegging on the couch while I catch up on LOST. What shows are you watching currently? I need some recommendations for when I finish.

Sprinkled With Jules

These past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away in September. I dedicated a post to her, complete with her favorite pie and the story of how I made it for her before she passed. It's Nannie's Lemon Meringue Pie. It's a story dear to my heart.

In September, I was in Napa for my friend's wedding. My blogging friends Kelly & Stephanie from Long Distance Baking just happened to be up in Napa the same weekend for a wedding too! We met up for lunch. It was so neat to meet some blog friends in real life! They're super sweet, and so is their blog. You should check them out!

Sprinkled With Jules

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that i chopped my hair off! I decided to cut and donate my hair. 12 INCHES!!!! I only needed 8, but in the end the length cut off was 12. A whole foot! And you know what? I don't miss it at all. Everyone asks me if I miss my long hair. NOPE! I love it. I donated my hair to Children With Hair Loss. There are a ton of organizations that you can choose to donate to, and donating in general is just great! But I chose CWHL because their wigs are free (the most popular org. actually charges), their wigs go to children, and the wigs go to children with hair loss due to various illnesses, not just cancer. 

Hair Donation to Children With Hair Loss / Sprinkled With Jules

2 months until we leave for our trip! Paul and I are going to Paris and Rome in January. EEEK! We're still planning out our time there, and trying to purchase things ahead of time that we can. I'd love to hear recommendations if you've got any! We're so excited.

I'm so happy for my GIANTS! World Series Champs baby! My grandmother would be so happy if she were here! 

Here are some links for your Friday enjoyment:

#CHEVYGUY. Poor guy was so nervous. We should have known he would become an instant internet sensation! I couldn't help but find these hillarious. Our Twitter generation sure does have some wit. (Halloween costume anyone?)

Okay, have you guys seen the Chandelier music video? Before you watch the next link, watch this original first! It's beautifully haunting and mesmerizing. Thoughts?

Now, the SNL spoof of her video! Hilarious. Another perfect Halloween costume idea.

Sorry for all the music videos, but OK GO is just so awesome! Here is their latest work of art.

Can you say ghetto-rigged? I'm suprised there's not more duct tape in there!

Lastly, here is a nice little roundup of pictures that help you breath easier. OCD anyone?

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween. And happy weekend!!

Sprinkled With Jules